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What is Service?

“An activity or series of activities of more or less intangible nature that normally, but not necessarily, take place in interactions between the customer and service employees and/or physical resources or goods and/or systems of the service provider, 
which are provided as solutions to customer problems” (GRÖNROOS,1990).    

What is important about service?

SERVQUAL - measures service quality as the discrepancy (gap) between a customer's expectations for a service offering and the customer's perceptions of the service received.
The five dimensions was  identified:
•Tangibles - physical facilities, equipment, staff appearance, etc.;
•Reliability - ability to perform service dependably and accurately;
•Responsiveness - willingness to help and respond to customer need;
•Assurance - ability of staff to inspire confidence and trust;
•Empathy - the extent to which caring individualized service is given 

What is important about service latelly?


It’s driven organizations may not deliver the cheapest solution nor the latest innovations to the market, but instead of focusing on average market requirements, they have the ability to develop individualized solutions, tailored to the exact needs of each of their customers 

How to apply costumer intimacy?

The value of proposition costumer intimacy goes beyond mere delivery of products and services:

“Customer intimate organizations apply their knowledge to investigate the customer’s specific problems, in cooperation with the customer employees, and design solutions that include customized versions of the products and services they intend to sell ”

Ideas about recognition and rewards:

Finally, the project will work if the company create one system of rewards, where the factors of motivation needs to be recognition and money. Nelson (2004), notes that praise and recognition are the most efficient intrinsic reward that enhance employees performance. Lotta (2012), agree that financial incentives are indeed effective in motivating employees.

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