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Responsible tourist

                                                                                   Fonte: Unsplash/alessia-cocconi

The attitudes of responsible tourist:

-Travel using their rights of freedom, for order to obtain the personal, cultural and educational;

-When you to travel, have information about the place;

-Use all services of the tourism chain: travel agency, hotel and restaurant;

-Respect the people the place visited  in a spirit of tolerance and respect for diversity;

-Sustainably use the natural resources of the cities visited;

-Participate in cultural activities of the place visited, enjoying the traditions, social and cultural practices.

-Visit the tourist attractions, local cultural heritage, preserving the places for future generations;

-Make your travel of vacation every year ;

-Do not practice sex tourism,  to protect human rights, not subjecting anyone to inhuman or degrading treatment.

The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

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